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Why choose Granter?

We are the first R&D Tax Credit consultancy to combine experienced consultants with an innovative client portal, guaranteeing efficiency whilst optimising your benefit.

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Industry obstacles

Granter solves consistent obstacles experienced at traditional R&D consultancies:

Lack of industry experience

There is an inability of internal and external accountant teams to optimise credits due to a lack of technical knowledge.

Limited visibility of progress

A lack of visibility and understanding of where a client is within the process and the remaining actions to complete the claim.

Transactional relationships

A lack of consistent communication from consultants to create an effective relationship that maximises value for the client.

Unsecure data transfer

Increase in chances of unauthorised data access with sending sensitive company information and documents via email.

Granter's wins

40M of innovation funding successfully delivered

Our team members have all had extensive engineering backgrounds prior to their R&D consulting careers, delivering more than £40M of R&D funding.

Uplifted claims by 40%

We work with your accounting team to achieve an average uplift of 40% in comparison to claiming with non-industry specific technical specialists. Our engineering and legislative knowledge allows us to identify all eligible R&D activities no matter the complexity.

-80 hours per claim

The Granter Client Portal automates and simplifies 90% of the traditional R&D claim process to limit disruption to your business activities while maximising consultant collaboration to ensure industry-leading claim robustness and quality.

100% successful

Our 100% success rate and experience dealing with HMRC inspectors gives you complete peace of mind that your claim will be fully compliant.

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Innovation ecosystem

Granter’s innovation ecosystem can support your future growth

We support venture capitalist funds, academic partners, incubators, charitable and social impact partners as well as environment and sustainability partners.

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