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R&D claims have never been so easy

Gain real-time access to all your claim information at the tips of your fingers.

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An intuitive R&D claim management tool that extends our consultants ability to collaborate with clients and provide the most seamless experience in the industry.

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Easily provide your data

Our portal gives you the flexibility to upload any existing documentation containing relevant data so you can easily provide all the raw data without having to fill in spreadsheets or go through complicated setup processes for external APIs to Quickbooks or XERO.

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From hours to seconds

Data from financial documents is extracted and processed by our automated data processing engine to allow our consultants to quickly assess large amounts of documents, saving time while ensuring that all eligible expenditure is identified, no matter the complexity of your claim.

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Keep it transparent

Financial checks which HMRC uses to assess the accuracy of the financial data are carried out automatically once your analysis is complete. This minimises the chances of an enquiry into your R&D claim.

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Our Process

5 simple steps. It's easy and efficient.

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Complete company profile and upload all company financial and taxation documentation.


Technical Analysis

Book a call with your consultant to understand which projects can be claimed and which documents and information you need to upload.


Financial Analysis

Upload company expenditure reports i.e. Payroll and book a call with your consultant to finalise the R&D project costs.



Your consultant will upload the final technical project Information and R&D financial analysis for you to review and add comments for any changes.



Review all finalised submission documents and post R&D tax documents before automatically sending everything to your accountant.

Granter's client portal automates 90% of manual processes, saving clients an average of 80 hours of work per claim.

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Sign in to check your claim status

Our new platform allows you to have full visibility of active, future and completed claims.

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Upload your documents and project information

Upload documents and collaborate with ease and security on our platform.

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Automatically send your submission to your accountant!

Our new platform allows secure and simple submission of your claim once all deliverables are completed.

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