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Untangle the R&D tax claims process, through knowledge

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Granter's Insights hub is where we share our best work and most valuable knowledge. Access our industry-specific insights that help you navigate the labyrinth of decisions and actions from start to end.

Making Claims for the Aerospace Industry

Joss Crewdson, Director at Granter and CFO at the startup Space Power, talks to us about the finances of the aerospace industry, innovation in satellite technology, and aerospace.

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Tractor farming the land

Bedstraw and Madder: Organic Underwear Meets Innovation

Bedstraw and Madder specialises in sustainable underwear production, with a vision to take fashion and farming in a more ethical direction.

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Supporting the Agritech and Agriculture Industry in R&D Claims

From our early days in medical cannabis to our work with cooperatives, farming, and agritech, we have established ourselves as experts in the field.

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Tractor farming the land

Acroflight: The Fastest Electric Plane In The World

Find out how our team at Granter helped Acroflight untangle the claims process for complex R&D activities and claimed tens of thousands of pounds back over two years.

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