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Nas, CEO of Granter

Nas holds a Mechanical Engineering (MEng), from the University of Warwick. He has had 6 years experience at Jaguar Land Rover engineering prototypes for Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery and Jaguar i-Pace. Nas has delivered in excess of £25 million of funding to UK and international companies as one of the highest-performing R&D consultants at Europe's largest R&D Tax specialist.

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Nas, CEO of Granter

He is an expert chartered accountant who brings 5+ years of experience, working for PwC in the UK. He is dedicated to helping innovative companies with high-level advice on tax optimisation and compliance. He will be reviewing complex tax computations for high-value R&D claims. Joss also has other ventures in laser-based space communications startups and possesses a degree in philosophy and psychology.

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Liall holds a Medical Robotics and Image-Guided Intervention (MRes) from Imperial College London. He was awarded the Hamlyn Centre Bursary for Academic Excellence. Liall has worked in academic research teams to develop advanced medical robotics and Commercial R&D teams to build autonomous robotic systems for delivery services. Liall has delivered in excess of £15 million with a particular focus on UK software companies.

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Eden has an MEng from Oxford University and is currently undertaking a joint Master’s at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art in Innovation Design Engineering. He brings his extensive experience in designing and fabricating bespoke mechanical assemblies to the field of consulting. Eden is currently writing reports in the diverse fields of aerospace engineering and agricultural innovation.

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Ben holds a Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (MEng) from University of Warwick. He has 5 years of experience as a project and applications engineer at blue-chip engineering firms such as De La Rue & National Instruments. Ben has delivered in excess of £15 million in funding to UK SME's in the Engineering and Science sectors.

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Josh holds a BA in Business and Enterprise Management from Sheffield Hallam University. He has extensive business development experience analysing market challenges and formulation of solutions to support those markets. Josh's background spans multiple industries including Automotive, Agriculture, R&D, Cyber-Security, Sustainability, Property Development and Antiquities of Significant Historical Importance.

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We are on a mission to revolutionise the R&D industry

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Granter’s mission is to create the most seamless R&D Tax claim experience that uniquely combines the best technology with leading R&D consulting knowledge to create a new industry standard.

Our Story

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Granter came from the founders' experiences of working in target-led environments at the largest UK R&D specialists which prevented consultants building long-term relationships with clients. As a result, the founders saw an opportunity to rethink the R&D Tax claim process from the ground up and provide a new industry standard consulting experience that focussed on providing tangible tools that facilitate high-quality client interaction and collaboration.

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We want to give you visibility and control

At Granter we believe that providing visibility and control to clients over the claim process from start to finish solves key issues in the industry. Granter ensures that our clients have access to consistent and experienced consultants. Granter also maximises consultant-client collaboration for efficiency and provides real-time claim progress updates, notifications of outstanding tasks and automatic future claim management.


We aim to be one of the most sustainable R&D Tax specialists in the UK

We are limiting our environmental footprint in all aspects of our business operations by leveraging technology to limit transportation requirements to clients and eliminating the need for a large dedicated office. Our web technologies are hosted using renewable energy and we provide employees with incentives to reduce their emissions. Our work is focused on helping industries adopt sustainable practices while ensuring we do not work with companies in specific sectors that cause environmental damage.

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