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Feeling tangled
in R&D tax claims?

Don’t stress, we are here to help you navigate the R&D claim process.

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Granter guides you through the complex process of R&D tax claims, navigating the labyrinth of decisions and actions from start to end, making your route as smooth and simple as possible. We combine a client-focused approach with our automated web-portal to provide a seamless experience that identifies the full extent of your tax benefit.


Technical experts that speak your language

Our team of Engineers turned leading R&D consultants have extensive, real world experience in the following industries:

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Agriculture & Agritech

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Aerospace Engineering

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Construction & Architecture

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Automotive & Manufacturing Engineering

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Robotics & Automation

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Expertise meets technology

Our platform is simple, efficient and gives you complete transparency. Granter allows you to deliver all the information needed for your claim through a simple online platform. You receive an efficient, robust and secure service while retaining visibility and efficiency throughout your claim. Granter's dedicated experts will be on hand to guide you through the process, and will fully assess the technical and financial aspects of your claim.

Product features

Keep everything in one place

Login to the dashboard where you can view the claim progress, outstanding actions and contact your consultant all in one place.

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Everyone is connected

Securely provide all the required claim information and collaborate in real-time with your consultant all through our portal to eliminate unsecure email exchanges.

Automation on your side

Our Automated Data Processing Systems automates 90% of manual processes to allow you to provide financial information in any existing format, reducing client leg-work while ensuring all costs are always accurately captured to optimise your tax benefit.

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